Teaching Commons at York University

Join the Conversation! Teaching Commons Blogs

The Teaching Commons is about building communities of practice where anyone with an interest in can participate in the shaping of teaching and learning at York.

To facilitate conversations and encourage debates around current issues and innovations, we have created blogs in which you can participate by:

  • suggesting topics for discussion
  • posing questions or supplying answers
  • offering/seeking support for your teaching practice or project
  • engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning and sharing resources

Never blogged before?  It’s as easy as sending email!

The first Blogs are based on the 3 priorities identified in the White Paper:

eLearning – Are you an expert or novice? Want to know more about what others are doing and share your experiences? Want to better understand the benefits to you and your students? Join this conversation!

Experiential Education – launching soon. Exchange ideas and examples of your approaches to experiential education. How does it fit in the curriculum? What are the benefits? How do students respond?

First Year Experience – also launching soon. The first year is crucial to student success in post-secondary education. What are some the issues in your courses? Do you have any success stories to tell? Resources to share? Questions?

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